Open Source Project: For the beginners…

Ok, so, this is my first attempt at setting up a GitHub everything; account, email, repository and a Web page. I’m working from a well documented and great article on Medium by Anne Bonner dated March 2, 2019.

My attempt and documentation at this will not be flashy, it’ll be straight to the point, “do this, to get that” per say; if your looking for flashy instructions, go here.

So without further delay, let’s begin..

One: Download and Install Git, choose your Operating System version by clicking here. Open the program.

Two: Let’s set your Global name and email address for GitHub with these two commands you see below (Use your name and email address in quotes).

Three: Let’s setup the repository;

Four: Let’s learn to edit.

Let’s say you want to make some changes to your README file right on GitHub.

Five: Cloning, Let’s clone.

Follow the screenshot below and be sure to click the clipboard button.

Open the Git CLI to initiate the clone command to the local computer. Navigate to the folder where you want the project files, then paste the clipboard information and hit Enter.

Six: Let’s add files to project.

Go to your terminal and get yourself into the folder for your repository. Then run Git Status

(If you want to add files to the repository use; Git Add <file name> (minus the brackets))

Use Git Commit -m “<finalize additions>” to finalize the changes.

Seven: Update local changes to your GitHub, you would Run “Git Push” to be displayed there as well.

(Not the outcome I wanted)

DISCLAMER: I said this is my first attempt and sure enough, it didn’t complete as I hoped it would. So from here you would want to do “git push” command from your local workstation to have the any added changes displayed on your GitHub as well. I am sorry I couldn’t bring it home but hey, we all start somewhere!

Good Luck!